553WHP 631WTQ – N54 TwinTurbo World Record – BMW 335i


Last night I hit the dyno to see what the car can do with the new ported N54 cylinder head, RB turbos, 3.5bar TMAP sensor from the new BMW N20 4cyl motor, FBO (catless), pump 94 octane and meth, stock turbo inlet pipes.

Key thing here, this is with a tune that sees ZERO Timing corrections everywhere on all cylinders and timing that is set right at MBT for this level of boost and this car’s given octane. I’ve run the car on the street with this exact setup this morning, number of pulls, its pretty ridiculous.

553WHP/631WTQ – PUMP GAS (94 Octane) + METH

In terms of the tune, it was running more than 22.5psi in midrange, 19.7psi peak at 6k rpm, 17.5-18psi at redline. Logs of actual boost in midrange aren’t available as I found out that ATP’s datalogging needs to be updated to accomodate the 3.5bar scaling. I was going off my p3 gauge for midrange boost when pushed past the 22.5psi datalogging limit. I don’t recommend this to anyone before ATP is updated for 3.5bar datalog scaling, it just had to be done last night and I decided to push on as I get to do what I feel is best for my car LOL and that’s make some power

No leanouts or fuel issues. LTFTs goes down to zero during the pull, STFTs trend to high negative 20s with meth. The car was running close to if not 100% meth, three 1.0mm nozzles, two of them in the FMIC outlet silicone coupler and another up in the ER charge pipe past the elbow.

I’ll be fine tuning things over the coming days but to be perfectly honest and blunt, last night was about turning things UP and NOT fine tuning. It was to find MBT and push boost as far as it can go while limiting wastegate duty cycle to about 73-74% everywhere especially past 6k rpm. It was also to experiment with various VANOS changes. I experimented with higher wg duty cycles before and RBs didn’t like it. It also introduces too much backpressure into the system even fully catless that the car doesn’t like it.

So, is there more power left here. We’ll see when the intake pipes are swapped for something better flowing. @[U][URL=”http://www.bimmerboost.com/member.php?u=416″%5DGeorge Smooth[/URL][/U] reported +19whp at his high altitude in South Africa so possibly another 20 in there without any changes. Then there’s mixing race gas or E85 into it to see if there’s anything there in terms of additional power through more timing. All out its very possible this will be a 575-585whp setup once all is said and done, dare I say 600 LOL

Other runs from last night:

By the way, on Smoothing of zero the car made 555WHP :) Nice even number easy to remember

When that torque hits it feels like a big turbo came on!! Swoooooosh!


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