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Rolling ANTILAG - Steering wheel controls - New Feature Demo - bootmod3

By Zanin Fazlic

In the previous video we demonstrated bootmod3's on-the-fly map switching using steering wheel controls allowing users to flash the car once and then select between any 4 maps that can be custom tuned to suit your modifications, octane and racing needs.

In this video we're demonstrating another new tuning feature that is in the works by the bootmod3 dev team called ANTILAG. To trigger it you simple press UP and hold on the cruise button on the left side of the steering wheel. While holding it, the DME switches to an internal antilag tuning strategy and tables where antilag RPM, ignition timing, accelerator pedal threshold, target load/boost and other values can be configured to dial it in as needed.

In this demo, vehicle is a 2015 BMW F80 M3, RPM is set to around 4k rpm, with accel pedal threshold at 100% (driver needs to go WOT to trigger it). In 1-2 seconds after triggering it, this car running ASR Kratos turbos, is able to hit 30psi! Lag goodbye! :)

We've added logic to ensure pressing the button UP on its own does not trigger ANTILAG mode until pedal and RPM thresholds are reached (both of which are tunable in the map). In addition, any of the 4 on-the-fly switchable maps can be set to have antilag enabled or disabled so the user can configure it to their needs (e.g. map1 no antilag, but map4 all the antilag/boost :)

bootmod3's rolling antilag feature is end user configurable from the app on-demand so any of its parameters can be altered on-demand while driving without turning the engine off and reflashing.

All the advanced tuning features such as map switching, antilag, flex fuel, are in progress of being ported as many if not all vehicles currently supported by bootmod3. 

Hope you enjoy this video!

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bootmod3: GTS Startup Roar (Race Start) for BMW F and G series B58 and B48 engine vehicles, including A90 Toyota Supra

By Bertan Kazazic

bootmod3: GTS Startup Roar (Race Start) for BMW F and G series B58 and B48 engine vehicles, including A90 Toyota Supra

UPDATE: 0.10.083 is now out. Joining the club with the S55 and recent N55 release, map configuration now also includes Startup Roar for B58 and B48 F and G series vehicles, including the A90 Supra!

As usual, Web version is up to date with the latest, android some time later today and iOS once Apple approves the app release (anywhere between 1-5 days if no complaints from their end).

More updates to follow soon!

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