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  • bootmod3 - World's First BMW F series custom flash tuning platform - Android - iOS - Web

    Posted on November 01 2016

    bootmod3 - World's First BMW F series custom flash tuning platform - Android - iOS - Web
    Here at PTF we've worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to create the World's First factory ECU (DME) flash tuning platform for the BMW F series called bootmod3. Up until bootmod3 came into existence there were two popular ways of tuning the BMW F series, using a piggyback device to add boost and sending your ECU (DME) out for a one time flash to a tuner of your choice. With the piggyback the end user has partial control over the boost the car is running but no direct control over any other engine parameters such as ignition timing, lambda targets, fuel pressure...

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  • 1000+hp Stock Motor 997.1 Turbo - Twin GTX3076 Turbos

    Posted on December 10 2015

    Thought we’d share some results from last night’s tuning session. This 997.1 Turbo was brought to our friend’s at Boost Theory in Mississauga for some custom fab work a while back. Along with some exterior aesthetic changes the car received a custom 3″ x-pipe exhaust, manifolds with Tial external wastegates that fit with Garrett GTX3076 turbos, 3.5″ intercoolers, custom y-pipe with Tial BOVs, ID1000 injectors and a Sachs 2.5 clutch. Stock plenum and throttle body are still on the car. Dyno for this particular car was at DL Motorsports who have just a single roller Dynojet so the front driveshaft...

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  • Porsche 997.1 Turbo (2007-2009) Aquamist HFS-3 methanol injection kit – wiring diagram

    Posted on June 09 2015

    We have used methanol injection on almost all the platforms we’ve tuned since 2007 with great results. To do it properly one shouldn’t compromise and should use the highest quality injection kit with an appropriate turbine based flow sensor failsafe in place such as what comes in Aquamist’s HFS-3 and HFS-4 kits. For those looking to install a methanol kit on their 997.1 Turbo we recommend going with the Aquamist HFS-3 kit and you can order it here. Here’s a wiring diagram for the OEM DME harness. For any tuning related questions don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@protuningfreaks.com. NOTE: If...

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  • PTF proTUNE Results, PUMP gas stock turbo record and comparison dynos with JB4 G5

    Posted on February 16 2015

    In almost every initial email people ask us what we can do for them with our custom tuning power wise. Some come to us with bone stock cars and ask about getting parts to go full bolt on and get a custom tune. Others come to us with an existing Cobb OTS tune and ask about gains while some already have a tune such as the latest JB4 G5 with and without the free BMS backend flash. We spent some time on the dyno and gathered up some neat results to demonstrate what we can do. The runs are on...

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  • BMW N54 Boost Control – PID and Tuning Limits

    Posted on January 26 2015

    Given recent developments in flash based tuning we wanted to offer our insight into the inner workings of the N54 DME when it comes to boost control tuning or more specifically, PID based boost control. Boost control in the N54 OEM DME as well as most modern electronic boost controllers out there is based on what is called a PID algorithm. PID algorithms aren’t exclusive to boost control and are applied to various systems where correction to a signal can be applied by feeding the actual value of the signal through the algorithm and adjusting control for it automatically by...

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  • New Porsche 997.1 Turbo 60-130mph record – 6.700secs on pump 93 octane – OEM turbos + boltons + PTF custom Cobb tune

    Posted on January 08 2015

    We are happy to report that a protune customer of ours from Alabama, US has just set new 997.1 OEM VTG turbo 60-130mph record at 6.700secs on pump 93 octane. The car has minimal bolton modifications including an AWE exhaust, OEM 997.2 intercoolers and do88.se turbo inlet pipes with a Sachs 2.5 clutch that drives just like the OEM clutch. This is your ultimate sleeper setup. The car has had ID1000 injectors as the car will be running on E85 soon. We’re looking forward to even faster numbers with E85! Congrats Greyson, all the best! http://www.6speedonline.com/forums/997-turbo-gt2/355173-6-93-60-130-07-997-6mt-93-octane-oem-vtgs-cobb-ptf-custom-tuning-2.html#post4269016

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  • Porsche 997.2 Turbo 60-130mph World Record – 5.90secs – Cobb custom tuning by proTUNING Freaks

    Posted on December 01 2014

    We’re excited to share a recent vbox verified 60-130mph time of 5.90secs done by our customer Costas in Greece that looks to be a new World Record. What really makes this impressive is the car is running pump gas with our custom Cobb protune and the only hardware modification being a 100cell exhaust. Congrats once again Costas! Here’s a link to his 6.0sec run previously: http://www.6speedonline.com/forums/996-turbo-gt2/259006-6speedonline-s-official-1-4-mile-60-130-100-150-standing-mile-thread-94.html#post4231743 And his 5.90sec record setting run: http://www.6speedonline.com/forums/996-turbo-gt2/259006-6speedonline-s-official-1-4-mile-60-130-100-150-standing-mile-thread-95.html#post4241464

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  • BMW N54 30FF Underboost Code – Boost Leak Testing – DIY

    Posted on November 30 2014

    We decided to share this great DIY on boost leak testing that was contributed to the N54 community a long while back and is still very useful for those running into issues with underboost codes, limp mode due to a boost leak in their charge piping. —————— Spent a lot of time the past week trying to diagnose a 30FF. (Boost Log is NOT matching Target) Since 30FF can be from a leak in the pressurized section of the intake track and/or the turbo just isn’t putting out enough, I broke this up into 2 areas: 1. Turbo compressor (COOL side)...

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  • Customer Review – Kline Decatted Exhaust Review 997.2 TURBO S

    Posted on November 28 2014

    We wanted to share a recent customer review of a KLINE decatted exhaust on their Porsche 997.2 Turbo S and their comparison with a Europipe exhaust. URL to a 6speedonline.com forum review: http://www.6speedonline.com/forums/997-turbo-gt2/352911-kline-decatted-exhaust-review-997-2-turbo-s.html One month ago I decide to change my exhaust , KLINE was best option( price quality) i was using a catted Europipe exhaust . Europipe catted vs Kline decatted (personal opinion) Cold start : Kline win for me this one , the kline decatted exhaust is at least 30% quieter in a cold start against the europipe catted Normal Driving : they both are very similar in sound character...

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  • 534WHP 532WTQ – One-off set of custom turbos from Vargas – Race Gas + Meth – New N54 Stock Frame Turbos/Stock Motor Record? We think so..

    Posted on August 19 2013

    Went back to the dyno this past Saturday. It was a lot hotter out than last time when the car did 523whp on pump+meth. With the same conditions as on the pump/meth runs it could’ve maybe done a touch better, maybe 540 even, maybe not. It shows just how close meth/pump numbers can be to a more expensive race gas+meth alternative when you’re already maxed on the turbo side of things. However, with race gas some additional timing managed to be had without knock through the top end helping power not drop off as quickly in the 6-7k rpm range....

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  • 523WHP 520WTQ – BETA VTT Turbos – Pump gas and Methanol Injection

    Posted on August 16 2013

    Had some fun with a set of BETA VTT Stage 2 turbos on Wednesday night and here are the numbers. The tune is running 21psi peak down low, 20psi at 6k rpm, 19psi at 6200rpm, 18psi at 6500rpm, 16.6psi at redline. Timing is in the range of 10.5 to 11.5deg peak without any hint of timing corrections all the way through. This was on  pump 94 octane from Petro Canada (formerly Sunoco) running the Aquamist HFS-4 setup with two 1mm nozzles and 100% meth. According to short term trims the DME is pulling out 25% through trims with two 1mm...

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  • Custom single turbo – 18-18.5psi – external wastegate control, OEM solenoids, COBB flash only – shakedown runs

    Posted on August 11 2013

    Wanted to share what I think is another key milestone in N54 tuning. Yesterday we managed to use Cobb to control an external Tial wastegate entirely, without piggyback involvement and make some good numbers. Boost control had to be redone from the typical way its done for internally wastegated vacuum operated turbos such as OEMs and any stock frame hybrids. We stopped at these numbers as the HPFP pressure literally nosedived near redline to 600psi from 2000+psi targeted so we’ll be looking at the usual fuel capacity boosters and a couple things that I haven’t heard of being tried yet....

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  • PTF Sponsored Track Car – Custom BMW 135i N54

    Posted on June 06 2013

    We recently received a call from an east coast shop owner who does some of the cleanest work I have ever seen. He runs a full race shop and has a 2008 135i with only 5000 miles on it. All 5000 miles are track miles as the car has never been registered as a car to run on the street. He is running RB turbos and full supporting bolt ons and tracks the car on 93 octane. We have decided to join him and support his tuning needs for the upcoming track seasons. After hitting the dyno today we have...

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  • World Record: N54 DCT with Upgraded Clutch Packs from SSP Performance – 2012 BMW 335IS – 450WHP 490WTQ

    Posted on May 06 2013

    Super excited about our recent tuning outcome with one of our local tuning customers. Joe’s 2012 BMW 335is with the DCT (Double Clutch) transmission is simply put, a stock turbo beast. The transmission is built with upgraded clutch packs from SSP Performance. We did our best to fully customize the Pro Tune on this N54 to take full advantage of the provided octane and methanol/water injection. Here’s the review from the customer. Thanks Joe, enjoy the beast, see you at the track buddy ;) =============== Hey guys, Just wanted to share my story about my DCT build and my WR...

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  • NEW N54 HP WORLD RECORD: 725WHP 609WTQ – VTT VTX-R63 Twin Turbo Kit – BMW 335i

    Posted on April 21 2013

    Sharing the final set of our tuning results from our custom tuning work with the Vargas Turbocharger Technologies in California. Here’s Tony Vargas’ (owner of VTT) online posting/review of our final results with the second to largest of the turbo options in the VTT kit, twin GTX2863R. To put these numbers into perspective, with approximately 15-18% drivetrain losses this kit is making 850-885HP at the crank/motor with stock N54 engine internals! ================================================== Tony Vargas’ review and comments: Well, we accomplished what we set out to do. When D and I first started this tuning, he actually threw a number out...

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  • CUSTOM TUNING UPDATE: 693WHP 572WTQ – 98 Octane, with meth – 673 WHP 564 WTQ 98 Octane NO Meth – VTT VTX-R63 N54 Twin Turbo Kit – BMW 335i

    Posted on April 17 2013

    Sharing the next set of our tuning results from our trip down to Vargas Turbocharger Technologies in California. Here’s Tony Vargas’ (owner of VTT) online posting/review of the tuning session and results. We’re happy with the outcome to say the least :) Plenty of fuel left to keep pushing on the power front. Next up will be pure MS109 (race gas) tuning followed by E85. =================================================== Tony Vargas review and comments: Hey guys, so after some tuning this weekend we came up with some numbers we are happy with for now. Honestly, we flat ran out of time or this...

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  • VTT/PTF Stage 3 Tuning Update: 572WHP 537WTQ – ACN 91 Octane, no meth, no E85 – Early Dynos – BMW 335i

    Posted on March 17 2013

    Sharing our early numbers on the Vargas Twin Turbo upgrade for the N54. This is a twin GTX2863R fully custom turbo kit at the moment getting tuned for the absolute lowest level of octane, California 91 (aka ACN or Arizona, California, Nevada 91 octane). Tony, the owner of Vargas Turbocharger Solutions, posted a review on the forums. This is our very first quick dyno session. Tony was on the dyno in the car in California, we were remoted in for some quick e-tuning. Tuning platform used is COBB Tuning’s AccessPort calibrated with AccessTunerPro (ATP). Needless to say we are VERY...

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  • Customer Review: BMW 335XI (N54) – Incredible gains with E50 – Intake and our custom tuning – Gains of 133awhp/168awtq from stock

    Posted on March 02 2013

    Sharing another customer review. This time from an almost stock BMW 335XI running an E50 octane blend (50% ethanol 50% 93 octane gas). The only modification to the car is an AFE Dual Cone Intake and our custom tuning. Thank you @vwgrk for giving us the opportunity. =========== I recently went to a dyno to see what my PTF E50 / 93 octane map is putting to the ground on my manual transmission 335xi. The only other modification is an AFE DCI. The plugs are new and I was walnut shelled a few months ago. The results are 413 whp...

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  • Customer Review: Aquamist HFS-4, Howerton 2.2gal tank, Dual Cone Intake and PTF Pro Tune – BMW 335i

    Posted on February 21 2013

    We’re pleased to share another great review from Derek (@redlineryder), a recent tuning customer of ours. Thanks Derek for sharing your experience and best of luck with your N54 ;) ======== Derek’s review ======== Source: BimmerBoost.com My car before the install was 100% stock with a Cobb PTF 94 octane tune. I’m still under extended warranty so this setup was perfect and made good power. It’s crazy how just changing the software can wake this car up. However, like so many of you already know, it’s never enough and I wanted more. I didn’t want to install catless downpipes or...

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  • Effect of Soft Snow Tires on Dyno Measurement Results

    Posted on February 09 2013

    We get this question quite often about the effect on dyno numbers with winter tires, namely: Does the soft compound, thick tread blocks, and high number of deep sipes used in a snow/ice tire affect how much torque/power a roller chassis dyno would measure? The answer is, Yes.  Here’s a great writeup, courtesy of Airboy Tuning, that was done on another platform but still very relevant showing why, if you’re after PEAK dyno numbers, you shouldn’t dyno on winter tires. Now, dyno tuning can still be done on any kind of a tire (as long as its not slipping on...

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  • BMW Misfire Diagnosis and Repair – N54

    Posted on February 09 2013

    This is a great blog post from Cobb Tuning and we thought we’d share it out here as well for those interested along with their video. ============= The N54 powered BMWs respond amazingly well to tuning, but the increased power has caused some owners to experience misfire issues. Trouble shooting and repairing a BMW can seem like a daunting task with things like an advanced electrical system, specialized tools, and intimidating engine covers. But, diagnosing and repairing the typical misfire is fairly straight forward, and COBB Tuning can show you how! To see our BMW products and custom tuning offerings...

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  • PTF N54 Pro Tune with 50/50 (Boost Juice) Meth – single 1.0mm nozzle, full boltons – delta of +153whp +171wtq over stock

    Posted on February 04 2013

    Quick update from yesterday. AR Catted Dp’s Aquamist HFS-4 System w/ One 1mm nozzle 50/50 boost juice from snow performance K&N Intake (soon to be bms dci) ER Charge Pipe w/ Forge Diverter Valves ETS 5″ FMIC BMW Performance exhaust (with secondary cats in place) PTF ProTune Bone stock baseline showed 264whp/268wtq same day same dyno. Thought I’d throw this up as it was one of the only cars we tuned on a 50/50 meth mixture (usually do north of 80-100% meth mix) and just a SINGLE 1.0mm nozzle. With more meth and/or higher meth concentration more is available through timing. A...

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  • ar design, Helix and SPEC Clutch parts now available

    Posted on January 24 2013

    We’ve further expanded our website in the last 2-3 months and partnered with a few more quality BMW performance parts manufacturers: ar design for their top notch fabrication/welding work and Line Lock kits Helix for their great FMICs SPEC for their new single mass steel flywheel offering as well as street and drag strip proven 2+ and 3+ clutch kits Our website conforms to the MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) standards set by the manufacturers unless otherwise agreed with them and/or unless there are special promotions currently running. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll try to do our best to provide you...

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  • PTF Customer Car in the BMW Car Magazine (UK) – February 2013 Issue! – BMW 335i

    Posted on January 17 2013

    Marcel is one of our COBB Pro e-Tune customers from Luxembourg. His LCI E90 BMW 335i is simply stunning. It sports all the top shelf bolt-on modifications in both power and suspension departments. It is one of the only cars with properly upgraded air intake and piping that I personally know of (super jealous!), wind tunnel tested Alpina aero and interior modifications and, what every North American can only dream of, access to the Autobahn and the Nürburgring. So far our tuning with RB turbos on his car has taken the power on the car to 503hp and 719Nm of torque...

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  • 1 step colder plugs for the BMW N54 – NGK 5992 Laser Iridium – ILZKBR7A-8G

    Posted on January 08 2013

    If you’ve modified your N54 based BMW extensively pushing well past the stock power levels or you’re just looking to run a different plug than the OEM Bosch ZGR6STE2 for any reason the NGK 5992 (ILZKBR7A-8G) are a great alternative. They can be had for about the same price as the OEM Bosch with some searching, $10.79 from http://www.sparkplugauto.com for instance. Now, I’ve been running them for the last 30,000km, racing, pushing high boost with race tunes with and without meth and these have performed strong as well as set some records without any issues. Thing to note is that these...

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  • PRICING UPDATE: eTune/PRO Tune product bundles, HUGE savings!

    Posted on November 23 2012

    Over the last few weeks we’ve established relationships with some of the great names in the N54 scene to be able to offer our customers quality parts along with our custom tuning. Prices have been set LOWER THAN LOW for many of our bundles that include anything from a single part to full bolton with and without Aquamist methanol injection. Make the long story short, among others, some of the highlights are: COBB Accessport with a PTF Custom Tune (eTune or Local)COBB Accessport + Aquamist HFS-4 + 2.2Gal Trunk Mounted Howerton Tank with a PTF Custom TuneFBO Bundle from cp-E...

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  • BMW 135i 1/4mile – 11.76sec@120.7mph, 1.947 60′ – stock turbo, E40 blend, full weight, street tires, no meth, stock catted midpipes

    Posted on November 20 2012

    Sharing some truly awesome results from one of our recent customers. Here’s their review from MIR (Maryland International Raceway) this past weekend. What’s even more impressive is that 11.7 was done with a 1.94 60′. With DRs, same tune and conditions, this same car can easily see low 11s!! Very nice working with you Jorge! :) —————– Incredible times with my 135 thanks to PTF 2009 135 CPE Intercooler CPE Chargepipe/Tial BOV CPE Downpipes Injen DCI Stock catted mids Active Autowerke axleback COBB protuned by PTF Fuel: E85/93 mix of 40/60 OEM wheels with street tires (Proxes R1Rs) Weighed car...

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  • 553WHP 631WTQ – N54 TwinTurbo World Record – BMW 335i

    Posted on November 13 2012

    Last night I hit the dyno to see what the car can do with the new ported N54 cylinder head, RB turbos, 3.5bar TMAP sensor from the new BMW N20 4cyl motor, FBO (catless), pump 94 octane and meth, stock turbo inlet pipes. Key thing here, this is with a tune that sees ZERO Timing corrections everywhere on all cylinders and timing that is set right at MBT for this level of boost and this car’s given octane. I’ve run the car on the street with this exact setup this morning, number of pulls, its pretty ridiculous. 553WHP/631WTQ – PUMP...

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  • ProTUNING Freaks – BMW N54 STG3 Cylinder Head Upgrade – First Startup

    Posted on October 24 2012

    PTF BMW 335i N54, first startup with the new stage 3 cylinder head on the car. Other performance modifications include: RB Turbos, FBO, meth/water injection

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  • First BMW DCT N54 (335iS) in the 11s and on stock run-flat tires, no meth!

    Posted on October 19 2012

    Congratulations to KC for being the 1st 335iS DCT car to hit 11s in the 1/4 mile especially given this run was his first time at the dragstrip. The run was done in style with windows down :) OEM Run Flat Tires, FBO, no meth and no DRs! Simply amazing and good luck KC with your N54, you’ve got a strong runner! It was done at the Maryland International Raceway (MIR) yesterday, October 18, 2012 with weather conditions making for a DA in the mid 800s. Below is KC’s review of the run from http://www.e90post.com (http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=760042): Hey guys! Our group,...

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  • PRO TUNED: CUSTOMER REVIEW, 2007 BMW E92 335i, +130whp/133wtq GAINS, E50 ethanol, stock exhaust and downpipes

    Posted on September 19 2012

    Here’s a review from @VNeBLOB42, one of our recent customers on his PTF eTune on California 91 octane mixed with E85 to make an 50/50 mixture of ethanol to gasoline. The car’s only hardware power adding modifications are dual cone intake and intercooler.  This dyno reads about 17.5% lower than a typical Dynojet as its reading SAE and the car stock dynoed at only 231whp. On a Dynojet with STD correction a typical BMW 335i puts down ~280whp. If we take that into consideration this same car on a Dynojet could see a whopping 444whp/478wtq at the rear wheels with...

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  • PRO TUNED: Customer Review, 2007 BMW E92 335I, +22WHP/+24WTQ gains over OTS Stage2+FMIC Aggressive, pump 94 octane

    Posted on August 22 2012

    Here’s a review from @nitehawk, one of our recent customers on his PTF Pro Tune on pump gas. Thanks Saquib for this detailed review and its been a pleasure working you. PTF ============ Hi guys, I recently had my car custom tuned by ProTuningFreaks (PTF) and I thought I would share my experience/results. My car is FBO and I have been running Cobb’s latest and greatest aggressive off-the- shelf (OTS) map: S2+FMIC v402. I was curious to know if there was any room for power improvement over these OTS maps running our Petro Canada 94 octane gas. So, I got in touch...

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  • BMW N54 – Cylinder Timing Corrections and Tuning for More Reliable Power

    Posted on August 12 2012

    There seems to be a lot of discussion on timing corrections on the N54 and what they mean. Are they bad? Will my engine go kaput if I have some corrections occuring? What happens when my meth isn’t flowing right and corrections happen? Etc etc etc. If you’ve ever had a chance to datalog a tune on your N54 extensively (and yes, your 100% bone stock N54 with zero modifications or tuning also has a tune, only in that case the OEM one) and done so in situations such as Wide Open Throttle (WOT) as well as cruise and part...

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  • GROUP BUY: BMW COBB AccessPort (AP)

    Posted on July 19 2012

    We’ve sorted out the group buy pricing on Cobb APs finally and happy to say it is too low to advertise. There are two prices, one for the US customers and another to Canada due to shipping. I have to say I’d love to have had this price when I got my own AP back last year! For those outside the US and Canada, let us know and we can figure out shipping separately in your case. Going forward, Pro Tuning Freaks has partnered with Sonic Tuning for some of our work and any of our future Cobb AP unit...

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  • BMW N54 – Data Logging with COBB AP – Part 1

    Posted on July 18 2012

    Data logging is an invaluable tool when it comes to maintaining reliability and checking on your modified car. It allows you to know what your car is trying to do (requested values) and what your car is actually doing (actual values). Knowing the concepts is one thing – being able to understand it and utilize it is another. The most common question I get in regard to datalogging is people asking me what is useful to record when doing a pull. The good news is that Cobb setup the default logging parameters really well. It has just about everything you...

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  • Supporting Vendors on bimmerboost.com – Intro Group Buy!

    Posted on July 10 2012

    Just wanted to let you guys know that today we’ve become sponsors on bimmerboost.com. We chose to sponsor BimmerBoost due to the wealth of information it brings to the world on the N54 scene as well many other amazing BMW FI and non-FI motors. In that light we’re organizing a Group Buy on custom COBB tuning with some amazing pricing. Going forward you’ll be able to reach us there or as usual through our site or for those of you lucky enough at your local dyno shop ;) Link to the Group Buy: http://www.bimmerboost.com/showthread.php?25612-ProTUNING-Freaks-COBB-Custom-Tuning-Group-Buy Cheers PTF

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  • COBB V402 Alpha maps, Alternative Fuels R&D, Cooling system calibration…

    Posted on July 06 2012

    Some cool new stuff going on at PTF on the Cobb AccessTuner front…We have had the awesome privilege of working with the guys at Cobb. Obviously the BMW DME gurus at Cobb are the ones doing all the heavy lifting in the DME. On our end we’re calibrating and providing feedback in the R&D lifecycle from the ATP calibrator/tuner point of view by testing it on the dyno, street and track along with pro tuning services we started recently. First thing, OTS V402 Alpha maps. Still not for public consumption but should be available in Beta form to those interested...

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  • PRO TUNED: 2009 BMW 335XI – Gained +47AWHP +61AWTQ at 6500rpm!

    Posted on July 04 2012

    Hit the dyno with Andy’s 2009 BMW 335xi. Scorcher outside, 95F. On top of that the car is AWD so naturally higher drivetrain losses than RWD (10-12% RWD drivetrain losses vs. 20-22% drivetrain losses in the AWD 335xi). Bone stock, XIs make 247awhp/260awtq on this same type of dyno, in much nicer weather conditions. Dyno was a Dynojet 424X 4WD dyno, typically a lower reading dyno than your average 2WD Dynojet. Andy’s car has full boltons (intake, fmic, catless downpipes and exhaust), RB turbos and runs pump gas only, no methanol injection. The car went on the dyno with OTS...

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  • Cobb AccessTUNER Race (ATR) Tuning Tips – Requested Load vs Actual Load

    Posted on June 26 2012

    Tuning the N54 is now completely possible thanks to www.cobbtuning.com and their Cobb AP handheld. Their OTS (Off-the-Shelf) maps are a great start for your N54 powered BMW car. With the release of AccessTUNER Race you can now custom tune your car to perform like it never has before. Some other tuning platforms give you tables or sliding scales to modify, but Cobb has taken it to another level giving you access to over 70 tables in the DME. These tables will allow you to make the power you have been craving. The Cobb AP uses load targets to control...

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  • BMW N54 Cylinder Head Upgrade – Part 2

    Posted on June 25 2012

    Most recent update from the machine shop. Here are the stock N54 cylinder head numbers followed by numbers with only work in the bowl, and then additional work with larger exhaust valves. Numbers are VERY exciting. There is 35+% more flow on the intake side and 13.5% on the exhaust side. Shop is working with Ferrea to get custom +1mm oversized Super Alloy valves capable of supporting sustained high temperatures on the exhaust side. One of my stock exhaust valves has been shipped out along with the spring and retainer and we are expecting word from Ferrea on the recommended...

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  • BMW N54 Cylinder Head Upgrade – Part 1

    Posted on June 25 2012

    I still just can’t get enough of the N54 even after 4 years with this car. It sucked not having seen the end of the E92Fan N54 engine build on e90post from a year or two ago. I truly enjoyed everything he was doing but we were never updated on what happened with the engine/car and how it ran after the build for reasons discussed before (owner was too busy getting his restaurant business to work out). A couple days ago I decided to dive into the incredible N54 jewel under the hood of every 335 and see what this...

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