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bootmod3 Engineering Update: Flex Fuel Tuning - CANBus Integration

By Srdjan Bajat

In the previous two videos we demonstrated bootmod3's new custom code features integrated into the factory DME (ECU), namely on-the-fly map switching and rolling antilag, both of which are using steering wheel controls for triggers allowing users to flash the car once and then select between any 4 maps that can be custom tuned to suit your modifications, octane and racing needs and to spool the turbo without using brake boosting and slightshot your way forward when racing :)

In this video we're demonstrating another new tuning feature that is in the works by the bootmod3 dev team called FLEX FUEL. bootmod3 Flex Fuel integration is a set of custom tables predefined to tune your vehicle for dynamic aggression/power in the tune based on input from a Flex Fuel sensor. In this case we're using a Continental flex fuel sensor with a Zeitronix ECA2 kit which sends Flex Sensor's data over the CANBus which the DME handles in real-time to make the tune more or less aggressive based on ethanol % in the fuel. We previously made map switching on-demand work using the steering wheel controls. Now, there's a new option to also enable Flex Fuel in the tune and define separate tables for tuning for ignition, fuel, load/torque, various safeties, and many others. Tuning details behind getting a flex fuel tune working are also very straightforward and very powerful. A tuner defines your base map or maps (1 through 4) which you can select through the steering wheel (example: Map1: Stage 1 93 map, Map 2: Stage 2 93 octane, Map3: Stage 2+ 98 octane, Map 4: Stage 2+ race gas) . Any or all of the 4 switchable maps can now be configured as ENABLED for Flex Tuning. When enabled, data from the Flex Fuel Sensor is used to scale between say a pump gas E0 (no ethanol tune, or E10) to a full E85 or E100 (100% ethanol) tune. If sensor detects no ethanol then the scaling leaves the base maps alone without scaling them upwards in aggression. If the sensor detects and sends say 50% ethanol to the DME then the DME can be set to change ignition, fuel, load/torque and many other tables to increase power levels due to ethanol's much higher octane over petrol/gasoline.

In this demo, we're demonstrating on a 2015 BMW F80 M3 which starts out with a 20% ethanol blend in the tank. Those that enjoy the details can see the blend factors are set for 0.50 for this ethanol level just as an example. Currently there are 3 main blend factor tables, ignition, fuel and torque, and they can be individually used to scale among many tables required for tuning Flex Fuel, from cold starting the car with full ethanol in the tank to full on power. In the end of the video we add some more alcohol and you can see in the bootmod3 dashboard how the Flex % goes upwards from 20% to 27% as the fuel system catches up and the fuel in the tank gets a chance to blend as it isn't instant.

Hope you enjoy this video!

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1150whp 985wtq - S55 World Record - custom tuned with bootmod3!

By Srdjan Bajat

1150whp 985wtq - S55 World Record - custom tuned with bootmod3!

It is our pleasure to have been part of this World Record setting project for the F8x M3 / M4 S55 engine platform. Factory ECU tuned using bootmod3 by Halim@HCPerformance. Impressive numbers and certainly leaves us wondering what is next for the S55 engine platform and to see this setup take on the 1/4 and 1/2 mile!

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KRAS55Bi Turbos Surpass 1150WHP

It's with great pleasure that we at Global Motoring Group share the latest results of our KRATOS KRAS55Bi Turbo System.

As many of you may know, within a week of completing an engine build on one of our developmental S55's we were able to put down preliminary dyno results of 975whp and 752wtq @ 35psi on pump E85. As the turbos clearly had much more left in them combined with the fact that the 35psi run is very close to the limit of the factory map sensor, we decided to move forward with installing a 4 bar map sensor that would enable us to dial in additional boost. Moreover, being that the KRAS55 line of turbo systems will begin their public release this month, we wanted to update those who have been following our recent developments.

We reached out to Burger Motorsports as they had a Bosch 4 bar sensor upgrade kit that would work for the application. Unfortunately, their kit was not made for S55's, but with the help of Terry & Payam they were able to put a custom PnP harness together for us in only one day and promptly shipped it to us. Once installed, Halim@HCP rescaled the map sensor to prepare the car for further testing of the KRAS55Bi turbos. With the car dialed in on a HCP custom tune @ 41psi and Ignite E85 fuel (E83 Via Fuel-It Sensor) with an ambient temperature of 77°F our KRAS55Bi's produced the following results listed below.

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