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bootmod3 for BMW B58 Engine Vehicles Now Available! BMW F and G series vehicles - 140i 240i 340i 440i 540i 640i 740i M140i M240i X3 M40i

By Srdjan Bajat

bootmod3 closed beta for the B58 engines has been a great success and we're excited to announce the wait is finally over!

Our team has worked tirelessly on BMW B58 engine support adding support for all of bootmod3 features while programming the DME without removal from engine bay. Initial flash time that includes unlocking the DME is around 3 minutes and switching maps takes just 19 seconds using the standard ENET-OBD cable.

Licenses can be purchased by clicking on the link provided below:


- Exhaust Burble adjustment
- Cold Start (cat heating) disable
- Exhaust Flap adjustment
- Speed Limiter (VMAX) Removal
- Catalytic Monitors (CEL) on/off
- End User Map configuration for all maps
- Tuning Editor fur custom tuning
- Datalogging hundreds of data channels available and many more to come

Stage 1 91 octane: up to 18% HP / 26% TQ
Stage 1 93 octane: up to 20% HP / 26% TQ
Stage 2 91 octane: up to 24% HP / 32% TQ
Stage 2 93 octane: up to 26% HP / 32% TQ

Stage 2 AGG (Aggressive burble) versions of maps available
E30 and Race gas maps are on the way!

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1150whp 985wtq - S55 World Record - custom tuned with bootmod3!

By Srdjan Bajat

1150whp 985wtq - S55 World Record - custom tuned with bootmod3!

It is our pleasure to have been part of this World Record setting project for the F8x M3 / M4 S55 engine platform. Factory ECU tuned using bootmod3 by Halim@HCPerformance. Impressive numbers and certainly leaves us wondering what is next for the S55 engine platform and to see this setup take on the 1/4 and 1/2 mile!

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KRAS55Bi Turbos Surpass 1150WHP

It's with great pleasure that we at Global Motoring Group share the latest results of our KRATOS KRAS55Bi Turbo System.

As many of you may know, within a week of completing an engine build on one of our developmental S55's we were able to put down preliminary dyno results of 975whp and 752wtq @ 35psi on pump E85. As the turbos clearly had much more left in them combined with the fact that the 35psi run is very close to the limit of the factory map sensor, we decided to move forward with installing a 4 bar map sensor that would enable us to dial in additional boost. Moreover, being that the KRAS55 line of turbo systems will begin their public release this month, we wanted to update those who have been following our recent developments.

We reached out to Burger Motorsports as they had a Bosch 4 bar sensor upgrade kit that would work for the application. Unfortunately, their kit was not made for S55's, but with the help of Terry & Payam they were able to put a custom PnP harness together for us in only one day and promptly shipped it to us. Once installed, Halim@HCP rescaled the map sensor to prepare the car for further testing of the KRAS55Bi turbos. With the car dialed in on a HCP custom tune @ 41psi and Ignite E85 fuel (E83 Via Fuel-It Sensor) with an ambient temperature of 77°F our KRAS55Bi's produced the following results listed below.

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bootmod3 - World's First BMW F series custom flash tuning platform - Android - iOS - Web

By Dzenan Becic

Here at PTF we've worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to create the World's First factory ECU (DME) flash tuning platform for the BMW F series called bootmod3.

Up until bootmod3 came into existence there were two popular ways of tuning the BMW F series, using a piggyback device to add boost and sending your ECU (DME) out for a one time flash to a tuner of your choice. With the piggyback the end user has partial control over the boost the car is running but no direct control over any other engine parameters such as ignition timing, lambda targets, fuel pressure targets, torque/load targeting, throttle mapping, valve timing and duration, among others. With the one time flash some tuners were providing the ECU would get reprogrammed on the bench and many of the parameters above would get adjusted. However, if the end user wanted to customize their tune for different modifications, octane levels, go bigger turbos, built motor, datalog how the car was running, to get the most performance out of their car there simply wasn't any way of doing so, until now!

bootmod3 is a full custom tuning platform for the factory engine computer (ECU/DME) that provides the end user with mobile applications for Android, iOS and Web Browser enabled devices. Users can change their tunes through the OBD port at will using the mobile apps taking about a minute to do so.


For more information and up to date news check our recent blog posts and our FAQ.

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