bootmod3 0.10.085 Update - Now Available!

By Dzenan Becic

bootmod3 0.10.085 release is now out and updates include the following:

- New vehicle support 

- (Map Config) Bosch 4bar TMAP sensor support on all MEVD DME cars (N20, N55, S55, S63tu, N63tu).

- (Map Config) Dorch Engineering HPFP support for 1st gen B58 (B58-F and B58-G, non-T0)

- X3M "Stage 1" OTS maps available in open beta under "OTS Maps". S58 with the 4400lb X3M is showing incredible gains so far including 10.8sec 1/4mile with no mods and just E30 octane, 11.0 on just 93 octane!

- Various dashboard and logging enhancements and fixes
Boost Target math channel added for logging target above ~22psi (2.5bar absolute). This has been available by adding Boost target and deviation channels since the beginning but now its just easier. RAM variable logging tested and coming very soon with additional channels

- Agent startup time further reduced

- "Special Agent" no longer a 'thing' for those with bench unlock DMEs. As of this release you'd simply use the standard release and not touch the unlock/relock.


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