bootmod3: iOS and Android app update v.0.20.20 - Direct ENET cable connectivity and new BM3_NET WiFi!

By Dzenan Becic

Over the past few months we've worked tirelessly on enhancing the user experience for mobile app users. We did a complete rewrite of our OBD Agent software and integrated it right inside the mobile apps for iOS and Android!

This has allowed us to provide 2 new convenience connectivity options for mobile:

1) Direct ENET Cable connection to an iOS or Android device without having to use the BM3 WiFi Adapter

2) For WiFi connectivity, remove the requirement to use the hotspot between the BM3 WiFi Adapter and your iOS / Android device. Instead, the mobile devices now connect to BM3_NET WiFi network running on the BM3 WiFi Adapter. Same hardware as before and all it requires is an SD card firmware update.

In addition to removing the hotspot, since BM3 OBD Agent software no longer runs on the BM3 WiFi Adapter, the SD card of the device will require no future updates as OBD Agent software is changed. In the past when OBD Agent software changed, there were times on occasion where SD card required to be removed and updated. Now that the OBD Agent is embedded inside the mobile apps this SD card updating is no longer necessary across OBD Agent/App releases which means less to manage for end users on an ongoing basis.

0.20.020 OBD Agent has also been updated for macOS and Windows operating systems running on laptops/desktops vastly improving its startup time, stability and performance.

Along with this update, a number of various bug fixes and updates in the UI have been released both for the Web and Mobile as well as various Map Configuration screen additions such as upgraded HPFP pump solutions from Dorch Engineering and Spool Performance.

iOS instructions (iOS App is in Apple review, expecting release in App Store Sep 24, 2020):

Android instructions (Android app is live):

BM3 WiFi Adapter Firmware Update instructions with the new SD card image:

Offline Mode Instructions (Android, where required):


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