CUSTOM TUNING UPDATE: 693WHP 572WTQ – 98 Octane, with meth – 673 WHP 564 WTQ 98 Octane NO Meth – VTT VTX-R63 N54 Twin Turbo Kit – BMW 335i


Sharing the next set of our tuning results from our trip down to Vargas Turbocharger Technologies in California. Here’s Tony Vargas’ (owner of VTT) online posting/review of the tuning session and results.

We’re happy with the outcome to say the least :) Plenty of fuel left to keep pushing on the power front. Next up will be pure MS109 (race gas) tuning followed by E85.


Tony Vargas review and comments:

Hey guys, so after some tuning this weekend we came up with some numbers we are happy with for now. Honestly, we flat ran out of time or this would have been over 700 WHP easily. We are maybe 1-1.5 degrees of timing away on this fuel, and with straight 109 or E85 we will be well over it. One of the first things I would like to point out is, the HPFP can now be said is 100% solid and backed up with numbers. With NO meth the cars fuel system providing ALL the fuel, we made 673WHP and 564WTQ with fuel trims staying negative, the car was pulling fuel out. Ok, so on to the details of the numbers. For fuel we were on basically 98 octane (see octane calculator pic) we were running out of time and the pump we brought to empty the tank failed miserably so we dumped 5 gallons of MS 109 into half tank about 8 gallons of 91. It makes it about 98 octane, with this we cranked up the boost and slowly started adding in timing, then once we got over 675 threw some meth into the fun. That gave us the numbers you see here. We also did back to back runs with no map changes, and no camera shut off so you can see the no meth then meth difference. The car never once set a CEL, never once limped, never once really did anything. I need to throw out a HUGE thank you to PTF and COBB for all the help this weekend. Its a good start but we will keep pushing and see what we get. Thanks everyone for the continued interest.

Just to be clear, EVERY run was done in 4th gear, NO 5th gear pulls, also EGT’s NEVER got over 1600F well well within a nice safe zone.. AND I forgot to thank the most important person Dave, my brother the owner of the car. Without him putting up with riding a street bike through the winter and having his wife yell at him for 6 months we would have never made this kit. So thanks for being patient dude!

693WHP 572WTQ Graph

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693 WHP 572WTQ Graph 0 Smoothing
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Back to back no meth / meth run
673WHP 564WTQ no meth / 680WHP 556WTQ
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A few runs stacked to see how consistent the car is
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693WHP 572WTQ with speed to prove it was in 4th gear
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Octane Calculator pic
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693WHP 572WTQ Pull video (Tony Vargas behind the wheel of his Stage 3 test car)

Back to back no meth / meth run (Tony Vargas behind the wheel of his Stage 3 test car)


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