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bootmod3: MINI F54 F55 F56 F57 F60 support - Now Available!

By Bertan Kazazic

bootmod3: MINI F54 F55 F56 F57 F60 support - Now Available!
bootmod3 closed beta for the MINI B46/B46 2014-2019 vehicles has been a great success and we're excited to announce the official release is here!

B46 / B48 engine MINI Vehicles supported (if your vehicle is not listed please inquire with us):

  • 2015-2019 F54 (Includes JCW models)
  • 2014-2019 F55
  • 2014-2019 F56 (Includes JCW models)
  • 2014-2019 F57 (Includes JCW models)
  • 2015-2019 F60 (Includes JCW models) 
All of the standard bootmod3 features along with a number of OTS (Off The Shelf) maps and the integrated Map Editor are available. Initial flash time that includes unlocking the DME is around 3 minutes and switching maps takes just seconds using the standard ENET-OBD cable.

Licenses can be purchased through your nearest bootmod3 Authorized Dealer or by clicking on the link provided below:

  • Mobile app (iOS and Android) and Web (  including Windows and macOS support
  • One OTS map/tune included with the purchase and any other maps labeled as "FREE"
  • Datalogging hundreds of diagnostic channels with the highest throughput and sample rates available
  • Datalog sharing and charting without a need to upload to 3rd party websites or apps using the mobile app or web browser
  • Cloud-based storage for map data and datalogs
  • Reverting back to stock performance map and re-locking the DME to stock programming
  • Live Dash - realtime vehicle parameter monitoring via in-app gauges
  • Diagnostics
  • Read and clear trouble codes in all vehicle modules
  • Reset learned adaptations (octane, knock, Valvetronic, etc)
  • ECU power reset
  • (Optional) Off the shelf (OTS) tunes for 91/93/Race gas/E85 octane
  • (Optional) Custom tuning available through tuners in the bootmod3 Tuner Directory. bootmod3 contains a full map editor so you can tune your car yourself or with your local tuner of choice as well.

    Some of the OTS and possible aftermarket turbo upgrade custom map features provided by the bootmod3 platform :

    • Map Customization through Map Editor
    • Exhaust Burble adjustments on any map (OTS & Custom)
    • Cold start (cat heating on startup) removal for quieter cold start
    • Cat efficiency check (CEL) removal for de-cat downpipes (for off-road use)
    • Exhaust Flap Adjustments (Sport Mode)
    • Top Speed Limiter Removal
    • Boost By Gear % Reduction
    • Re-calibrated Sport Gauges on iDrive
    • E85/blend, RaceGas, and Meth Injection Tuning
    2014-2019 MINI vehicles supported span two main engine types, one with lower and other with higher engine compression. Below are the power gains from the currently released OTS Maps:
    B48-H (High Compression) models:
    Stage 1 ACN91 octane: up to 30% HP / 32% TQ
    Stage 1 91 octane: up to 40% HP / 43% TQ
    Stage 1 93 octane: up to 42 % HP / 44% TQ
    Stage 2 ACN91 octane: up to 45% HP / 46% TQ
    Stage 2 91 octane: up to 50% HP / 48% TQ
    Stage 2 93 octane: up to 54% HP / 50% TQ

    B48-L (Low Compression) models:
    Stage 1 ACN91 octane: up to 10% HP / 13% TQ
    Stage 1 91 octane: up to 12% HP / 15% TQ
    Stage 1 93 octane: up to 14% HP / 16% TQ
    Stage 2 ACN91 octane: up to 15% HP / 16% TQ
    Stage 2 91 octane: up to 19% HP / 18% TQ
    Stage 2 93 octane: up to 22% HP / 20% TQ

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    bootmod3: CustomROM Release N55-EWG - MapSwitching, FlexFuel, AntiLag, In-Dash Ethanol Content, LiveAdjust Exhaust Burble, and more..

    By Bertan Kazazic

    bootmod3 CustomROM now available for N55-EWG engine vehicles!

    All the features and customization previously released for the S55 including MapSwitching, Flex Fuel, Antilag, Live Adjust burble and ethanol override, In-dash ethanol check and others are now available for the N55-EWG cars. This work starting with the S55 has been under way since last year and we are really excited to have it finally released on the N55-EWG as well!

    bootmod3’s integrated Map Editor features 4300+ calibration tables available on the N55-EWG CustomROM for custom tuners on the platform to take advantage of. Advanced logging (RAM) channels support has also been expanded to include many new loggable parameters, many of which are exclusive to bootmod3 software customization.

    New Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 2+ OTS maps are now also available featuring 4 integrated map slots, flex fuel, antilag and all the CustomROM features. Stage 2+ Multimap OTS map, with the presence of a Flex Fuel Sensor, scales all the way up to full E85 content fuels for those with upgraded HPFPs installed that can flow the required fuel volumes.

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    bootmod3: 0.30.00 Release - CustomROM Features + New Map Editor + UI Enhancements

    By Dzenan Becic

    bootmod3: 0.30.00 Release - CustomROM Features + New Map Editor + UI Enhancements
    The most comprehensive bootmod3 software update is finally here and we are delighted to share it with everyone. Multiple features have been in development since mid 2020, many of which have been demo-ed to public throughout the time we were developing them. In December 2020 we completed development on the pre 2019 software S55s. We decided to finish 2019+ support as well and release it all together. It has endured a considerable delay from the initially planned release but we’ve managed to cover everything and in the process add even more functionality to the Map Editor and cover testing more extensively.
    Our first release of the bootmod3 CustomROM is now ready for the S55 engine vehicles while we continue to work on adding these features to other vehicles in the bootmod3 lineup. Changes done for the S55 are being ported to the N55 vehicles followed by the B58.

    To read about the bootmod3 CustomROM features available on the S55 engine refer to document below:

    To read about the changes in the new bootmod3 Map Editor, refer to this document:

    For Tuning Tables overview for Map Switching, Flex Fuel and AntiLag refer to this document:

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    bootmod3 electronics: Rev2 CANBus Integration Board

    By Bertan Kazazic

    bootmod3 electronics: Rev2 CANBus Integration Board
    Exciting news from the bm3 electronics team! With the Rev1 version of our CANBus sensor hub board completed, and now focusing on an enclosure design, we have finalized our Rev2 design as well. As mentioned in our previous post, Rev2 board builds further on the Rev1 design by expanding its input sensing abilities and adds 6 outputs.
    The smaller Rev1 board features configurable CANBus conversion for 2 frequency inputs (e.g. flex sensor input), and 3 analog 0-5v inputs and will be a lower cost option for those looking to simply hook up a flex fuel sensor and possibly monitor any other sensors needed (e.g. low pressure side fuel pressure sensor on N55/B58) and be able to get Flex Fuel running using BM3 custom software enhancements right inside the DME. For flex fuel sensor integration, Zeitronix ECA2 and any other similar boards are also supported.
    The Rev2 board keeps the 2 frequency inputs like the Rev1, adds 2 EGT sensor inputs, expands from 3 to 8 analog 0-5v analog inputs and adds 6 outputs. All i/o is canbus integrated for sensing and control of canbus connected systems, primarily the DME. Both boards have integrated WiFi/BLE and all configuration is done over WiFi and integrated with the bm3 app/editor for ease of use by end users and tuners. Stay tuned for the release of many of the other new features we’ve been working on over the past year and more to follow on this board as firmware development is completed.
    Some pictures of the board design below:

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    bootmod3 Engineering Update: CANBus Expansion Board Rev 1 - Render

    By Srdjan Bajat

    Really excited to show a render of the bootmod3 board undergoing firmware development. This board measures just 80mm by 50mm and already packs a heavy punch!

    Board currently has multiple inputs (frequency and analog) and features CANBus integration and WiFi/BT for configurability. Rev2 of the board will also feature various outputs for activating/deactivating external aux systems (e.g. port injection, nitrous, etc), tuning it via tables integrated in the new bootmod3 editor.

    Purpose of this board is to expand I/O capabilities of the factory engine computer (DME) and allow it to integrate with external sensors not already available on these cars (e.g. flex fuel sensor, meth flow/level sensor, port injection fuel injector duty, etc) and provide that data over CANBus to the DME for various tuning strategies. Any 3rd party products that support similar CANBus integration are also supported by bootmod3 (e.g. Zeitronix CANBus ECA2 flex sensor kit, etc). Integrating meth flow/tank level sensor data is a nice one and will allow for similar tuning strategies and failsafes as with flex fuel.

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    Rolling ANTILAG - Steering wheel controls - New Feature Demo - bootmod3

    By Zanin Fazlic

    In the previous video we demonstrated bootmod3's on-the-fly map switching using steering wheel controls allowing users to flash the car once and then select between any 4 maps that can be custom tuned to suit your modifications, octane and racing needs.

    In this video we're demonstrating another new tuning feature that is in the works by the bootmod3 dev team called ANTILAG. To trigger it you simple press UP and hold on the cruise button on the left side of the steering wheel. While holding it, the DME switches to an internal antilag tuning strategy and tables where antilag RPM, ignition timing, accelerator pedal threshold, target load/boost and other values can be configured to dial it in as needed.

    In this demo, vehicle is a 2015 BMW F80 M3, RPM is set to around 4k rpm, with accel pedal threshold at 100% (driver needs to go WOT to trigger it). In 1-2 seconds after triggering it, this car running ASR Kratos turbos, is able to hit 30psi! Lag goodbye! :)

    We've added logic to ensure pressing the button UP on its own does not trigger ANTILAG mode until pedal and RPM thresholds are reached (both of which are tunable in the map). In addition, any of the 4 on-the-fly switchable maps can be set to have antilag enabled or disabled so the user can configure it to their needs (e.g. map1 no antilag, but map4 all the antilag/boost :)

    bootmod3's rolling antilag feature is end user configurable from the app on-demand so any of its parameters can be altered on-demand while driving without turning the engine off and reflashing.

    All the advanced tuning features such as map switching, antilag, flex fuel, are in progress of being ported as many if not all vehicles currently supported by bootmod3. 

    Hope you enjoy this video!

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    bootmod3: Map Switching Demo Update, steering wheel and iOS/Android app controls

    By Dzenan Becic

    Exciting new update from the bootmod3 dev team!

    For this new demo we've managed to move controls for map switching to the steering wheel cruise buttons. You activate it by pressing the Resume button, and switching among 4 map slots (expandable if needed at a future date) by using the up/down button that are typically used to increase/decrease speed when cruise control is active. OEM cruise control functionality remains in tact and map switching can be done with the engine off, on and while driving.

    This video was done on our 2015 F80 M3 with the MEVD17.2.G DME and applies to all S55 engine vehicles. Support for these features is in progress for all other vehicle models bootmod3 supports today.

    Enjoy the vid while we continue making progress with many other advanced tuning features such as BM3 FlexFuel, Antilag and many others. Cheers!

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    bootmod3: New Feature Release v0.10.099

    By Bertan Kazazic

    Release 0.10.099 is now out. Changes include:
    • New Logging Support: Expanded datalogging abilities through RAM channels on MG1 and MG1 Aurix DME cars (e.g. all variants of the B58 engine including the A90 Supra, S58 in the X3M. See pic of a sample bm3 datalog from an M140i B58 test car attached.
    • In combination with non-RAM channels you're able to concurrently capture over 70 channels at over 20 samples per second!
    • MEVD support is in testing across ROMs and on the way.
    • Google Chrome is now our officially supported browser. Those using Safari will see a not-supported message displayed.
    • Maps download and save right inside the browser for in-browser map management. When flashing a map for the very first time you'll see a popup asking to 'Accept' using browser storage. This feature is the first in a series of upcoming features to allow richer offline user experience (already works with mobile apps).
    • Fix for mobile browsers, tapping on input fields (e.g. tap on username field on login or anywhere inside the app) would zoom-in the screen throwing off the UI until a user would refresh.
    • N20-EWG Startup Roar added
    • N55-PWG Selective DTC Code Removal
    • Updated OBD Agent to 0.10.099
    MG1/MG1 Aurix New RAM Channels listing:
    === Boost Category
    Boost Setpoint
    Distribution Factor (Turbine/Wastegate)
    WGDC (Base)
    WGDC (Adder)
    WGDC (Actual)
    Turbine Base
    Turbine Adder
    Turbine (Actual)
    WGDC (I-Gain)
    WGDC (D-Gain)
    WGDC (P-Gain)
    Boost Target (Intake Manifold)
    Airmass for Boost Control
    === Load Category
    Load (Limit)
    Load (Target)
    Load (Actual)
    === Turbo / Wastegate Category
    Target Mass Flow (Corrected for Boost Control)
    Target Mass Flow (Exhaust Manifold)
    === Ignition Category
    Ignition Timing (per Cylinder) (Target Corr.)
    Ignition Timing Corr. (per Cylinder)
    Ignition Timing (per Cylinder)
    Ignition Mode (Cold/Warm)
    Ignition Mode (Spool)
    Ignition Correction (Total)
    Ignition Target
    === Fuel Injection Category
    Relative Fuel Mass
    === Torque Category
    Torque for Load (Target)
    Torque (Actual)
    Torque (Target)

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