proTUNE Instructions

To get started we’ll need to review 2 datalogs from your currently loaded OTS (Off The Shelf) map done as follows:

  1. Seek out a flat level stretch of closed road where we can test through our map iterations. This will eliminate run-to-run variance in results as we move forward.
  2. Shift the car into 3rd gear and while holding steady around 2800rpm, start the datalog, hit the accelerator pedal and go Wide Open Throttle to about 6500rpm and let off the accelerator pedal.
  3. Come back to safe cruising speed and end the datalog.
  4. Email bootmod3 datalog links or CSV files over to us them over to us.

Once we’ve reviewed your logs we’ll work on making a custom starter protune map and fully customize it from there.

Please ensure to send us the following information about your car and Accessport on the first email when kicking off a protune process:

  1. Current list of modifications
  2. Transmission type (manual, tiptronic/automatic, PDK)
  3. Desired octane to tune for (e.g. US 93 (98RON) octane, E85 or a blend, MS109 race gas, meth injection, etc)
  4. Name of the current OTS Map on the car

You can email the information along with logs to At that point one of our tuner staff will reach out to you and send out a starter map to kick off the process.