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How To Activate your bootmod3 License

1) Place an order on www.protuningfreaks.com for your bootmod3 software license. You'll receive an activation email with your VIN number and your software activation key (i.e. serial number).

2) If you're activating using OBD UNLOCK you can proceed to activate right away provided we have added support for your vehicle. If your DME was unlocked for OBD programming on the bench at one of our authorized dealer locations you can use the 4MB DME readout file to activate instead of using the OBD unlock. If in doubt, try without using the file and if it activates without a file upload, it means we have OBD unlock support for your car and you're all set, otherwise use the 4mb file.

3a) OBD Agent (Laptop version)

3b) OBD Agent (WiFi device version) - If using the bootmod3 WIFI Device  it comes preconfigured and you simply power it up from a USB connection in your vehicle and connect it to the OBD port with the ENET cable. If not using the USB tethering to your phone the device will attempt to auto-connect to a WiFi network called bootmod3, password bootmod3, and then connect with the bootmod3 servers through your hotspot. You can start a WiFi hotspot on your phone for the bootmod3 WiFi device to use for server connectivity as well as offline mode where the phone is used basically as a wifi router to connect your phone and the device. If you feel the need to change the wifi settings on the device you can change the defaults by following these instructions.

4) Start Ignition On, Engine Off, and see gas gauge show tank level and proceed with activation:

http://www.bootmod3.net (ensure you're using HTTP, not HTTPS, otherwise you may not have connectivity between the browser and OBD Agent on the laptop)

You'll see your VIN displayed on the login screen as well as once logged in on the Vehicles screen when the OBD Agent establishes communication with the car. Click the VIN button on the Vehicles screen and you'll be prompted for the activation key (in your email). Once activation key is entered, click the Activate button. If you get an error that OBD Unlock is not available at this time you can use a bench read (4mb file) to activate if you have one, otherwise reach out to us through Tech Support and we can review software IDs on your DME and look into adding the OBD Unlock support required.

Once activated you will see your VIN in the devices screen and a label on it indicating “OBD CONNECTED”. Activation is complete.

Click on the OTS Maps menu and choose an appropriate OTS Map for your modifications and octane and click GET TUNE. It will take a few seconds for the new map to become available for flashing. Once ready you'll see a flash button on it.

FIRST flash is important. It does the OBD UNLOCK and takes just under 4 minutes to complete. It will unlock and flash the map you're choosing to flash and it can be any map you've selected from the OTS Maps screen or even your Stock Tune. Once the flash is complete, turn ignition off 20 seconds and then start the engine. At this point you're all set and can proceed to a test drive #happytimes :)

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