bootmod3 OBD Agent Hardware Device - WiFi + USB for iOS Android

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In case you haven't purchased our OBD Agent hardware device with your initial order and are finding using a laptop in your car cumbersome when using the bootmod3 mobile app you can purchase the preconfigured OBD Agent device and leave your laptop at home. This device is simply a convenience option to bootmod3 users and currently carries no additional functionality over the laptop based software OBD Agent.

OBD Agent hardware device connects via OBD ENET cable to your vehicle's OBD port and connects over WiFi or USB tether to the hotspot on your mobile device for connectivity with the iOS / Android app and bootmod3 cloud servers. 

NOTE: Appropriate bootmod3 software license is required for use. Device is built using open source hardware with agent preloaded and preconfigured and can be done as a DIY project. In the case of DIY builds we do not offer tech support in cases of any issues with the DIY built device.

For more information or instructions on setup please email us at or refer to our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

**** OBD ENET cable is required, available separately

**** bootmod3 OBD Agent hardware device is recommended but not required to use the bootmod3 platform. It removes the need for a laptop in the car for using bootmod3's features. If you're looking to simply load a tune on the car without much datalogging and monitoring while reducing cost then using your laptop instead of this device may be the ticket for you.


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